about me


grew up in the oldest city in the United States, and its local ghost stories fueled her love for all things dark and twisty. Today she writes horror and dark fantasy for adults and young adults.

Maisie has been involved in the publishing industry for eight years, has interned at a literary agency, and is a Pitch Wars alum. As a founding member of the WordNerds (an authortube group with over 10,000 subscribers) Maisie is a firm believer that there is no one way to write a book. She’s passionate about cheering on other writers and helping them figure out which methods will work best for them.

Finally, Maisie loves all things technological. She has produced and edited video content for National Novel Writing Month, 4TheWords, NovelPad, and the Everywhere Book Festival.

After living all over the US, Maisie is happy to call Florida home once again.



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