Sometimes, writing is magic.

Sometimes the words pour out, or you come up with the perfect description and you think THIS IS IT I AM DEFINITELY A PROFESSIONAL LEVEL WRITER.

And sometimes you have to do line edits.

And you have to examine every word and decide if it matters or if it needs to be trashed. And you don’t get to admire the magical things you’ve written. You get to brutally kill all your darlings with your (metaphorical) red pen. You get to think about how you repeatedly misspelled your character’s name and the love interest’s eye color is different every time he’s on the page and all your descriptions use adverbs and there are 1000 prepositions in a 2000 word chapter and why did you think you could be a writer???

So yeah. I spent an hour line editing one chapter tonight. And yeah, it sucked a little bit. But my words are so pretty now, and I can confidently say they’re the best I can make them on my own. And knowing I did it even though sometimes I wasn’t sure I could, that is magic.

Sometimes writing is magic. But most of the time, it’s hard work.



P.S. if you struggle with line edits, I’d HIGHLY recommend ProWritingAid. I got a free trial of it back when I was a Pitch Wars mentee, and loved it so much that I bought it when the trial expired. It’s relatively inexpensive, and has changed my line editing life.


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