Long time no blog! This week on the WordNerds channel, I talked about the spinal tap method of plot analysis. Beth Revis created it and provided awesome details and charts to go along with it in her book, PAPER HEARTS: SOME THOUGHTS ON WRITING.

I love this method, though I do tweak it a super tiny bit to make it work for my process. You can see me talk about it in today’s video:

Like I mentioned in the vlog, I created my own chart to match the small changes that I make (and because I’ve been taking an Illustrator class and now I just want to design ALL THE THINGS). So below are those images, and if you click on them you can make them full size and save/print them however you want. 🙂

Spinal-Tap-Chart-PRINT-VERSIONSpinal-Tap-INSTRUCTIONS-FOR-WEBJust remember, if you decide to share them somewhere, please make sure to leave the attributions on the bottom/side so that people know where it came from!


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