The WordNerds are looking for a new human* for our channel!

*talking dogs and sentient plants will also be considered

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I am seriously so excited about this. We are holding auditions right now for a seventh member of the WordNerds guys!

It’s also a little nerve wracking–I’m sure those of you auditioning are giving me the stink eye right now, but it’s true! It feels a little weird to me because the wordNerds are so close and I know we are going to become besties with whoever the new vlogger is…so like you should totally audition to be our future bestie? WEIRD RIGHT?

There are already so many great videos and it’s only been one week. I WANT THEM ALL TO BE MY BESTIE. We received eight auditions in the first week, and I’m still anxiously awaiting auditions from those people in the comments who said they, too, are auditioning but haven’t sent us anything yet. 🙂 Like I said in yesterday’s live chat, if you commented that you are considering auditioning, I have already YouTube and/or Twitter stalked you. So basically it has to happen now, yeah?

If you want to audition, you totally should! More info on how to do so can be found in this video.


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