As I write this, the insanity that is Pitch Madness is going on, which means that we are officially at the one year anniversary of my novel being introduced to the querying world. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long!

Unfortunately, Pitch Madness is where my novel has seen most of its success so far (you can read about the initial Pitch Madness experience here).  Aside from that, it’s been a lot of rejections and even more waiting and hearing nothing. It was weird, because I wasn’t expecting to not hear back from some agents who had requested pages or the full MS from me–but it happens! And it happened a decent amount, even with nudging at appropriate times. I don’t blame the agents or anything; I interned at an agency, I know how crazy it is and how many MSs they request. But I didn’t know at the time that this was a possibility, and so it was pretty crushing for a while.

I am super grateful for the querying experience, though. I look back at some of my first WordNerds videos, where I was desperate to be ready for the querying phase and just not there yet. Now I’m desperate to be agented but just not there yet. I’m sure once I’m through this phase I’ll look back at this part with some semblance of fondness as I desperately try to get a book deal (but not the kind of fondness that makes you want to go back to that time, haha).

I’m working on one final round of revisions based on some rejection feedback I got from a couple different agents, and then I’m going to blast out a final round of queries. And if it doesn’t garner any interest then, it’s okay because I’ll already have another manuscript ready to send out! I’m starting revisions on that project soon and I can’t wait. It’s another book that I love so no matter what happens, I’m excited for the future!


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