Ambitious Goals Are… Ambitious

What I’m learning from February so far:

  • I am good at being crazy productive for one month, but after that I need a break

…Yeah that’s about it. I set a lot of ambitious goals for this quarter, and they still aren’t out of reach. Since this quarter is halfway done, it’s probably about time for a personal check-in. Overall I’m doing pretty well! I’ve kept up with work hours, done all of the dog walks and date nights and journal entries and vlogs.

But there’s those pesky revisions.

I’m still procrastinating them. Two weeks is enough time to do the things I think I need to do, but if I let much more time pass I’m officially in the danger zone.

So I think I need a little more specific goal setting.

I am going to start revising my novel tomorrow. I’ve got to film and upload my WordNerds video and do some work for my day job, but other than that I’m pretty open. SO THIS IS HAPPENING. I’ll tweet/vlog about it, because that seems to be the best way for me to stay accountable.

Are you setting any goals for this week? Let me know in the comments so that we can help keep each other accountable!


One thought on “Ambitious Goals Are… Ambitious

  1. A. Farag says:

    *does the little dance of being new but enthused to be here*

    Anyway, I am definitely going to try and set some goals. I really want to finish a first draft of two different projects this quarter and I’ve not started working on either. The thing is, I’ve had illness fall on my head and a surgery coming up in a little over a week. I have no idea if I’m meeting my goals or not but I’m going to act like I still can, even if I can’t and will attempt to not feel bad about things if I don’t actually manage to make those goals happen.

    Best of luck to you and hopefullly we’ll all at least end tomorrow with more done than what we started with.


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