Putting Down The Phone

Don’t get me wrong–I will be the first person to call BS on those viral articles or videos that are like, “She put down her phone for 23.7 Seconds… You Won’t BELIEVE What Happens Next.” You know, the ones that have crotchety people in the comments sections talking about how millennials are ruining the world with their online friendships and selfies.

But I also have been using my phone kind of a lot lately. I have a decent amount of anxiety tied to specific places, and so when I find myself in those places, I pull out my phone. Sometimes I’m reading on the Kindle app… but most of the time I am playing Candy Crush. Or surfing Twitter and Tumblr.

I’d noticed that the habit was bleeding into situations where I wasn’t particularly anxious, like during lunch when I was already watching a YouTube video, or while walking my dog. Easy enough times to overlook it. But then I caught myself Candy Crushin’ it while watching the extended edition of Return of the King. RETURN OF THE KING, GUYS.

And so I said GET THE HENCE SATAN, pitched my phone across the room, curled into the fetal position, and looked into Viggo Mortensen’s ocean eyes until I achieved a sense of balance again.

LOOK AT HIM. Aragorn could solve all of the world's problems amirite?

Aragorn could solve all of the world’s problems amirite?

(Or I set the phone aside and resolved not to pull it out for anything other than researching critically important Return of the King trivia.)

Once I did that, I was so much more into the movie! You might be saying to yourself, “No duh, Meghan.” But for some reason I was really surprised at just how much of it I had been missing when I was only half watching (like half of it. wowowow).

The Lord of the Rings movies are my all time favorite movies. I could probably quote any part of any one of them. But for the first time in awhile, I found myself getting really invested. Like ready to throttle Gollum when he tosses the lembas bread over the side of the mountain. Or actually LOL’ing at Gimli on the Dimholt Road. Or getting crazy choked up when Sam asked Frodo if he remembered the taste of strawberries with cream AND I WAS EATING STRAWBERRIES WITH CREAM AT THAT EXACT MOMENT.


The point is THOSE MOVIES ARE AWESOME. Go watch them now. And maybe put your phone to the side if you don’t need it.


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