New Year, New Existential Crisis

WOWOWOWOW it is 2016.

I didn’t post much because (if you’ve looked at my social media pretty much anywhere else, then you know) I was sick. It was not fun. But now I am not sick. And that is (mostly) fun. The not fun part is really just all of the catching up from being sick.

Like writing. I think I remember how to do that. And working. My eyes already hurt from staring at Adobe Photoshop and Premiere for so long the last few days. And maybe someday I will be able to edit the copious amounts of footage that I have for my personal YouTube channel that I swore I would upload before the break/during the break/on the 1st/…

But productivity is good! It feels good to be working again, even if the new year tends to bring on a bit of anxiety for me. I’m excited to finish my current story and get back to writing fantasy. I’m reading Truthwitch by Susan Dennard right now and WOW does it make me want to reevaluate my world building skills. You should pick that book up if you haven’t yet (and there’s a decent chance you haven’t, since it just came out yesterday. Thanks to Calyn, my Secret Santa this year, for getting me this book so that I could read it right away!).

Last year I set a goal to write two new novels and revise one old one. In the end I wrote 1.5 new novels and revised one old one…so close! And I could try to blame illness on that unfinished half, but if we are being honest I probably stopped writing a week before the kidney stones made their grand appearance.

This year I am going to set the same writing goal, I think. A little more writing than last year, because I still need to finish the last half of my NaNo novel. Probably more editing too, since I need to do another round of edits on the novel I am querying before I can send it out to anyone new.

And though there are a lot of things that make me really anxious about this year that I’m not quite ready to do a big post on, there are some things that I am excited for. I’m doing my own form of journaling–really it’s a slightly more artistic form of list making. But still, it seems to be helping. Jared and I have some exciting travel plans this year (Denver and, hopefully, Washington D.C.). I have an idea for a TV show (or web series?) that I want to write. There might be some co-authoring going on, too. And I still love my job and am hoping to learn more about animations this year.

So here’s to a year of productivity, good books, and lots of writing!

What goals did you set last year? Are they any different this year?


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