Still Behind, But Grateful

Thanksgiving! The time of cheesy gratitude posts!

Things have been crazy over here, and sadly I haven’t gotten anywhere close to caught up on my NaNoWriMo novel. I’m at almost 27k at this moment. Jared has to pull an all-nighter for his job (and he is TERRIBLE at staying up late), so I am going to try to write while he works. Y’know, to be supportive and all. So in my fantasy world I miraculously write 23,000 words in 27 hours…but the odds are stacked against me.

Win or “lose,” I’m so glad that I started this project for NaNo. I’d been so terrified of writing it, and nothing forces you out of your shell quite like National Novel Writing Month.

That being said, I had an idea for a new YA fantasy that I am DYING to get started on…so I can use that to push me toward the finish line, as well!

I am also incredibly grateful that Thanksgiving week is about to be over. I will be home in around an hour and a half. Back to my own bed and my own desk and my slightly uncomfortable plastic chair and the schedule that I love (even though I sometimes pretend like I hate it).

Sometimes I think I’m a lot like Bilbo.


So here’s to a week full of normal things! And hopefully lots of writing too. 🙂


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