‘Til-I-Finish Tuesday


Today, I am going to finish the first draft of my work-in-progress, COURT OF GLITTERING CRIMSON.

I’m calling it a 10k/’til-I-finish Tuesday. Because I think max, I have close to 10,000 words left. Realistically, probably closer to 8,000. Hopefully not too much less, because I don’t want the draft to end up being too short! My longest novel ever completed is 63,000 words (after several rounds of revisions)–my first drafts tend to come out closer to 57,000 or so. So I’m feeling REALLY good about having a draft that is closer to the appropriate length.

I’ll be tweeting about my writing happenings all day today, so if you’re trying to finish a story too, you should join me! I’ll host some word sprints (even if it turns out that I’m the only one doing the sprinting for a while haha) using #WNSprint.

But even if you don’t join in for another Tuesday filled with all-the-words, how is your writing going? Are you so ready for NaNoWriMo, or are you frantically trying to get things prepared (like me)? Either way, you are awesome and I believe in you!


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