I Am Vlogging (more)

Hello all!

I’m SO CLOSE to finishing my current work in progress. Things are exciting (aka horrible for my characters) and I can practically taste the finish line. I’m thinking it’ll end up being around 70,000 words, and I’m currently a little over 57,000. Hopefully I’ll get the count even higher tonight!

In one of my WordNerds videos a couple of weeks ago, I did a seven-day writing challenge, where I wrote every single day for an entire week and did short pre- and post-videos to show how I was feeling as the week progressed. If you didn’t catch that, you can watch it here:

Basically, it was great. My word count was skyrocketing, as was my confidence about writing. But once the “experiment” was over, I let myself slack off a little again. I only wrote every other day. And then every three days. I was still getting words down, but not nearly as quickly anymore, and I could feel myself getting into a rut.

SOOOO… I am going to keep doing the 7-day writing challenge. Although I’m not sure what to call it anymore, since it won’t be just for seven days. The goal is to write every day, and document how it goes over on my personal YouTube channel. There will be updates about my current work in progress, and my entire journey of writing a novel from start to finish will be documented come November (NaNoWriMo! Eek!). I’m really excited about it. Already my productivity is way higher than it was last week, and I’ve only been doing this for a couple of days.

I’m definitely not perfect (I let myself go to bed at 8:30 last night rather than writing…because I’m exciting like that. Plus I was afraid I was getting sick–that rationalization works, right?), but I’m looking forward to seeing how much my writing improves as I document my progress.

So if you’re at all interested in following/writing along with me, definitely check out my channel. It’s http://youtube.com/MeghanJashinskyBooks! I’ll also give to-the-day updates on my querying process, and of course rant and rave about books every now and then. And if you decide to try writing every day and updating your progress (whether on YouTube or a blog) as you do it, give me the link! I’d love to cheer you on.


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