Nice Rejection Is Nice

This is going to sound weird, but… I got a rejection this week and I can’t contain my excitement.


It is so nice to hear from someone, even though they didn’t fall in love with my manuscript! I had several people request my MS a long time ago, and hadn’t heard anything since–which is okay because no answer means no rejection, but was also super difficult because I’d been feeling like I had nowhere to go. I could revise again, but it was unclear where I would need to go next with the book. What if I took it the wrong direction and it got worse? I could keep sending it to agents, but I didn’t want to do that if there was something major that I needed to fix. What if every single agent rejected for the same reason?

But oh man. This agent’s rejection was a godsend.

It feels great to know where something isn’t working, because that means you can work on it! I can take these notes and make my book better, stronger, so that hopefully the next agent will fall in love with it. Or the next one. Or the next one. I can be patient. (maybe)

Of course it would be nicer to have an agent email me, “I loved it, let’s work together 5ever and sell 10 bazillion books!” But this is the second-best scenario for me.

So if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to work. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nice Rejection Is Nice

  1. Ellie says:

    Aw, Sorry you got a rejection, but that’s great that you have direction now. I have a couple fulls and partials out and I’m biting my nails like crazy.
    Good luck on revisions!


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