Write every Day! No really, do it.

For the last 9-ish days I have been writing every single day. I’ve heard people give this advice ten billion times, but in the past I’ve usually only followed it during NaNoWriMo. I feel like most writers I know agree that writing every day is good, but it’s okay if you don’t because who really has time for that?


With NaNo looming overhead and my MS only halfway through I sat down a couple weeks ago and calculated how many words per day I would need to write to finish my current work in progress two weeks before November 1st. That way I’d have two weeks to come down off of the high of finishing one book, and really get into the plotting/idea of a new one. 850 words is what I needed. Not a lot, but not a super easy amount either.

After one false start, I really committed to do this. 850 words minimum per day. And to make me accountable, I decided to film before and after thoughts including how long I wrote, my word count, and at what time I wrote them. That’s actually going to be my WordNerds video for tomorrow! I’m currently working on compiling all of the footage from my one week long journey.

WRITING EVERY DAY IS SO GOOD. The more I do it, the more I feel like I have to do it. And the more I write, the easier it is to fall into the characters’ heads. I don’t waste as much time getting in the mood to write (if that even is a  thing, and not just a procrastination tactic).

nick gif 1 nick gif 2

And feeling like writing is a part of my routine has actually made the rest of my life-scheduling much stronger. This week I have worked way more than I normally do, AND I managed to write several thousand words for my manuscript. To make it all even better, I’ve still had time to walk my dog, hang out with friends, run errands, etc. It’s all about that time management, baby. And something about writing every day and the creative burst I get from doing it, has made my time management go much smoother.

Who knows, maybe to keep the accountability going I’ll keep a personal vlog, like a writing journal, so that I can monitor how things are going. You should try it too! Whether you blog every day, vlog about it, or even just write it down on paper, let me know how things are going! And if you do use a website or YouTube channel to document your progress, put a link to it in the comments. I’d love to help cheer you on!

P.S. If you’d like to measure your word count goals with something like the meter I’ve got in the right sidebar, I’d HIGHLY recommend StoryToolz.com. They even have the option of putting a little journal entry in for each word count update! And if you want to share your progress with others, you can make it public. 🙂


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