Myths and Facts About Georgia

About two months ago I made a big move from southern California to central Georgia. I was (and am) pretty excited to be closer to my family, and I have always loved the South, but Georgia is a weird/cool place. I thought that today I’d share three myths and facts about Georgia.


  • Everything moves slower in Georgia. It takes twice as long to get my groceries checked out–not necessarily because we are talking so much with the cashier. Everyone just moves slower. And if the cashier happens to know the person ahead of you, strap in for a long wait, buddy.
  • SO MUCH WILDLIFE AND GREENERY. I was expecting green. I was excited for green. I was not prepared for this density of greenery. It is so magical feeling! There are tons of hiking trails and wildlife wandering around; I’m always inspired when I go outside here.
  • The sounds, you guys. They are crazy. Growing up in Florida, at night I mostly heard frogs and crickets and the occasional cicada. In California it was mostly quiet, maybe a cricket here and there. In this part of Georgia it is all cicadas, all the time. They as ugly as freak, but I have grown to love the background noise. It helps to distract from my tinnitus, YAY.


  • It is SOOOO much cheaper than California. This is so false I can’t even. Gas is cheaper. Rent is cheaper–or in my case, rent is the same for a slightly bigger place. Everything else is more expensive.  Groceries (especially the produce), clothes, all those other random things you have to get when you move into a new place… Please excuse me as I weep while pulling out my debit card to pay for overpriced, sub-par fruit.
  • Everyone talks with an accent. Nope. Where I am, not even close. A lot of people do, and for my LA-born-and-bred husband it was a bit of a struggle, but for me it felt more like coming home.
  • Because you’re so close to Atlanta, there will be tons to do! Jared and I are still figuring out all of the awesome things there are to do in Georgia. There are a lot but most of them are outdoorsy things, as opposed to California where there was just a lot of all the things. It takes almost two hours to get to the nearest interstate from our town!

Overall, living in Georgia has been an interesting adjustment (if you couldn’t tell), and it’s taken some time to get into the groove of things. But I am enjoying it a lot! My writing muse has returned in full force, I’m doing more/better work for my job, and my dog is loving that he gets to go outside so much. Even if I hope that we move back to California someday, I am excited to see what the next few years in Georgia will bring. 🙂


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