HOW THE HECK DO I FIX THISYou’ve made it! Week four! If you are following along with your own manuscript, then you have read through and noted big picture problems, decided what you would do to fix said problems, and then ACTUALLY FIXED THEM. What an accomplishment! I hope you feel so freaking proud of all the work you have done, because you have just taken your writer-ness to a whole new level. Lots of people say they want to write a book, and few do. Even fewer revise the book that they’ve written. If you want to head back to an earlier week, you can start at Week 1 (What Have You Got?), or head on over to Week 2 (Making a Battle Plan) or Week 3 (Fighting the Battle). You can check out this week’s video here:

In it I talk about the final step in revisions, line-level edits. Be sure to keep an eye out for clunky dialogue, unnecessary (or too spare) descriptions, and those pesky grammatical errors!

Here are some relevant links for this week. Below that, I’ve also got some miscellaneous revision links that didn’t quite seem to fit in any of the other sections.

Miscellaneous Links on Revisions:

Thank you so much for participating in my four-part series on revisions, HOW THE HECK DO I FIX THIS? Be sure to let me know how it went for you in the comments! And don’t forget that you are an amazing writer. Now it’s time for beta readers and (after that) querying, and alongside those things, writing exciting new projects. Have fun with it!


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