I have moved!

In case you haven’t noticed… I am on a different site! I decided a while back that I wanted to make the switch to WordPress because of the extra freedom/professionalism that comes with it, but I’d been postponing because moving all of your old blog stuff is a ton of work. But now, after months and months of procrastination, it has happened! My new site URL is:


It’s a little different from my blogger one because, let’s be real, Jashinsky is hard to say and even harder to spell for most people. And I’d love for y’all to actually be able to remember how to get to my website. 🙂

I’ve got almost everything set up over here, though you may find that old posts are formatted a little wonky from the switch. Don’t worry, I am working on it and should have everything fixed by the end of the week. But in exciting things… New banner that I love! A more organized link page and bio! And, my personal favorite, I have a contact form now! That’s right, if you would like to ask me a question or make suggestions for future blog posts, you can do so by going to the Contact Me section.


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