So This Is Weird

The exciting news keeps coming, people!

You’ve probably noticed me nonstop talking about Pitch Madness, if you’ve watched my last two WordNerds videos or seen me on almost any other social media platform. But if you haven’t been following me that closely, I ENTERED PITCH MADNESS. And it was scary, but I had gone through my pitch and first 250 with my writing group a million times, and I really love this story idea. Probably more than any other idea I have had up to this point.

Serial killers and fate and a creepy jungle and a slightly unreliable narrator and sibling love and AHHH I have had such fun working on it.

And I was even more excited to find out that my entry made it through to the agent round of Pitch Madness! I’m on the red team, with Brenda Drake and Kimberly Chase. Everyone has done tons of work to make this contest great, and I am so thankful for it. This is a huge event, with so much that goes on behind the scenes!

If you want to read my entry, it’s called FORSAKEN and you can find it here.

All of the entries are amazing, and I am so excited (and a little overwhelmed) to see my book next to such incredible stories.

So if you need me, I’ll be frantically going over my entire book for the hundredth time. 🙂


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