I Think an Apology is in Order…

So I know I said that later that week I would post my Harry Potter recipe links… But it didn’t happen. Things have been so crazy! I just finished up my last three classes, passed all my finals, and am OFFICIALLY the first woman in my direct family line to have a bachelor’s degree! I wish I could say I wasn’t telling you that to brag, but really I think I am a little bit. College wasn’t easy for me, and I am so excited to have completed it. I couldn’t have done it without awesome friends and family who encouraged me all the way!

And now, to hopefully make up for the time it took me to get you this list, please enjoy this gif:

In preparation for this post, I actually found a recent BuzzFeed article that included pictures and links to basically everything my husband and I had ever made together for our Harry Potter date nights. How convenient! So instead of making an extensive list here, I’m just going to give you the link to that page because they do it way better (and way more hip) than I ever could:



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