Let’s Talk TinTin

I never had any desire to watch the new(ish) Adventures of TinTin movie. I’d seen a little of the cartoons, but none of it seemed like it would really appeal to me. However, this weekend for date night Mr. J convinced me to watch it with him, because he’d read a lot about it and wanted to give it a try.

Let me start off by saying WOW. I mean, I should have known it would be good, given that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson worked on it together, but still. I wasn’t expecting that level of action from a (surprisingly realistic-looking) animated film.

And TINTIN. I loved him. Even though things had a weird way of working out for him in ways that wouldn’t be realistic in a live-action film, he was just awesome. It was great to see a male character who was as smart as he professed to be. It went beyond merely quoting Shakespeare like so many smart male protagonists do these days. I very nearly swooned when he ran to the library to find some answers, and how he used all kinds of deductive and inductive reasoning to figure out the mystery of the Haddocks.

I’m hoping to portray some of my male protagonists in this way in the future, because the smart guy who doesn’t always get the girl is more realistic (though the lack of women in the movie, period, was not realistic… but that’s for another time).

So what do you think? Who are awesome, realistic male protagonists you’ve found in your reading of late?


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